America’s Creators Join Together in New Partnership to Fight Content Theft

by Senator Chris Dodd 07/06/2011 08:50 (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Making a great movie or TV show takes the work of hundreds of dedicated people.  From the actors onscreen to the artists and technicians behind the camera, it’s truly amazing what we can do –and where our imaginations can take us – when we work together.
That’s why I’m so excited today to see the launch of a revolutionary new organization that will unite America’s creative community as we take on our biggest threat: the massive theft of our creations. 
Most of the over 2  million Americans whose jobs are supported by the motion picture industry aren’t marquee stars or studio executives.  They’re the people whose names you see in the closing credits, with titles like makeup artist, set dresser, prop maker, sound effects editor, visual effects artist, rigging electrician, costumer, and driver.  They’re the teenagers working their first job taking tickets at the local movie theatre or theme park.   And they’re the people who work for local retailers, caterers, dry cleaners, florists, hardware and lumber suppliers, transportation companies, and thousands of other small businesses that support our industry. 
When someone steals a movie and profits from that theft, these are the people they’re robbing from.  These are the people who will have less to feed their families, to care for their parents, to save for retirement, to put their kids through school.  And now, these are the people whose voices you’re about to hear.
Creative America, a new and unprecedented partnership among studios, networks, unions, and guilds,  will give the men and women of our community a new way to speak out in the fight against content theft.  This grassroots campaign will help everyone across this country understand that content theft isn’t a victimless crime – it hurts all of us. 
If you are among the millions whose hard work helps make filmed entertainment, if you love the movies and want to stand with us against theft, please take a minute to visit and sign up today.
Just a few days ago, our country celebrated Independence Day.  For more than two centuries, America has celebrated the power of creativity and innovation – and over and over again, Americans have fought to protect our right and ability to express ourselves freely. 
Our battle against content theft is another step forward in that long fight – and now, with Creative America, that battle has truly begun.  Join us.

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