Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

by Gregory Joseph 01/12/2012 13:53 (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Those who still think the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT-IP Act aren’t about jobs for hard-working Americans need to read the editorial by Danny L. Thompson, the Executive Secretary Treasurer of the Nevada State AFL-CIO,  in today’s Las Vegas Sun

  • Thompson writes: “When foreign websites illegally sell counterfeited intellectual property, they are taking jobs, income and benefits from American workers…The motion picture industry alone employs nearly 7,900 people in Nevada — not just actors, but stage employees, technicians, musicians, writers and many other middle-class workers. And the revenues generated from the film industry’s production in Nevada total more than $90 million each year and $1.2 billion since 2000. Online piracy put this all at risk.”

As Nevada leads the nation in unemployment, Thompson is right to sound the warning that “copyright infringement also extends far beyond film and music.” Thompson is correct in his understanding that SOPA and PROTECT-IP are not solely about movie industry jobs.

  • He writes: “Nevada businesses developing software and creative manufacturing technologies are also supporting SOPA and PROTECT-IP to protect their innovations from being stolen and distributed on the Internet. The engineering firm Bechtel Nevada, one of Southern Nevada’s largest nongaming employers with 3,000 employees, and Reno-based gaming developer International Game Technology, employing 2,500 in Reno and 600 in Las Vegas, both support these solutions to protect their intellectual property and the vitality of their businesses.”

Organized labor has been a strong supporter of both SOPA and PROTECT-IP.  Organizations like the AFL-CIO understand that our current economic climate demands the preservation of jobs for American workers.

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