The Untold Story of “The Invisible Men”

by TJ Ducklo 03/20/2013 15:52 (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

The MPAA, together with The Embassy of Israel to the US, The Human Rights Campaign, and A Wider Bridge hosted a screening Tuesday night of “The Invisible Men”, a documentary that sheds light on the largely unknown population of gay Palestinian refugees hiding in Tel Aviv. Winner of several international film festival awards, it has been called a darker “Huck Finn” of the Middle East for its social importance, exposing and personalizing an unpleasant but very real issue of persecution based on sexuality in the region.

The film’s writer, director, and producer Yariv Mozer was on hand Tuesday evening and answered questions following the screening. Mozer has produced more the 15 documentaries, including the award winning “My First War”, a first-person account of the Second Lebanese War, and is currently working on his first feature film “Snails in the Rain”. Mozer said many from his homeland have reacted positively since watching his film: 

“I have received numerous phone calls, texts, and Facebooks telling me thank you, saying that I opened their eyes and showed them something happening among them that they did not know.”

The Honorable Dan Baer, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor at the Department of State and Noam Katz, Minister of Public Diplomacy at the Embassy of Israel were also present at last night’s screening. Das Baer, in his opening remarks, commented:

“If you look at the Human Rights Reports, the Middle East is a tough place to be gay.” He added “We look forward to continuing to think creatively on how to engage on this issue.”

Katz, in his introduction of Mozer, said that his film has “opened an important dialog within Israeli society and ensures that we are always moving forward.”

“The Invisible Men” has completed a North American tour and is available to buy or rent online at 

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