Leading State Economic Development Organization Joins the Fight for PROTECT IP
Author:  Vans Stevenson
Date:  07/25/2011

Earlier this month, the State International Development Organization (SIDO) sent a letter to the Senate in support of the PROTECT IP Act, the bill crafted to fight foreign rogue websites that traffic in counterfeit goods and stolen films and music.  SIDO is the premiere U.S. organization dedicated to supporting state international trade agencies and is the only national organization focused exclusively on state international trade development.  

“As part of the President’s National Export Initiative, U.S. small and medium-sized exporters (SMEs) are charged with the lofty task of doubling America’s exports by 2015,” SIDO’s leaders wrote. “As such, it becomes increasingly important to identify threats and strengthen enforcement against intellectual property (IP) theft and other harmful practices abroad and that negatively impact American exporters. Criminals have turned to the Internet, abusing its virtually unlimited distribution opportunities to expand their illicit activities.”

As an important vehicle for economic development in the states, SIDO has a first-hand understanding of the importance of protecting legitimate channels of trade by confronting foreign based rogue sites that would rob Americans of jobs and states of revenue.  We commend them and look forward to working with them to get this critical bill passed.