Content Theft: The Clock is Ticking
Author:  Jessica Garcia
Date:  08/03/2011

Great movies can take anywhere from months to years to make.  They take the work of hundreds of people – in front of the camera and behind it, in editing rooms and at high-powered computer terminals, on big city streets and wide, empty deserts – shooting and putting together a film that will make millions of us cry, or laugh, or see our world differently.

Movies take enormous amounts of time and effort to make – and no time at all to steal.

You may not know that:

A few days after a U.S. film has been released in theaters anywhere in the world, an illegal copy is available on the Internet.*

Within two weeks of theatrical release, millions of copies of a major title have been downloaded.*

In 1 minute, on average, someone is able to locate an infringing film or TV show online.*

In 94 minutes, he or she can download a copy of that stolen movie.* 

Or in just 3 minutes, it’s ready to be streamed.*

The PROTECT IP Act is aimed at stopping foreign rogue websites that traffic in stolen films, TV shows and other American-made creative content. Because the over two million Americans whose jobs are supported by the movie and television business deserve better than to see their months or years of hard work stolen in mere minutes.
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*Source: Envisional, 2011