IP Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel Calls for International Cooperation on Content Protection
Author:  Alex Swartsel
Date:  06/20/2011

Check out Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel’s post on the White House blog this morning about her recent trip to Europe, which included stops in Brussels and London.  “Counterfeiting and piracy is a global crime, and it requires a global solution,” she wrote. 

Espinel also mentioned her office’s work here in the U.S. to find collaborative solutions to content protection:  “Over the last several months, my office has been working closely with Internet Service Providers, advertisers, credit card companies, payment processors, search engines, domain name registrars and registries taking voluntary action against online piracy,” she said. “These private-sector companies, as well as foreign governments, recognize that we all have a stake in maintaining a safe and secure global marketplace. I welcome their cooperation and will continue to engage with them as we fight worldwide counterfeiting together.”

We welcome Ms. Espinel back to the U.S. and look forward to continuing to support her work to protect America’s creative community and prevent content theft.