Salute to Costume Designers
Author:  Jessica Garcia
Date:  08/26/2011

Think about Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and Iron Man. What do all of these films have in common? Great costumes, of course! The wardrobes in these films all created a unique personality, atmosphere, and setting. Costumes, and especially those who make them, deserve special recognition for enhancing our movie-watching experience. 

In its new “Give Credit” campaign, Creative America is celebrating the many unique professions that make up our entertainment community week by week. This week, they’re highlighting costume designers, the inventors and creators of the stylish, beautiful, whimsical, and pitch-perfect clothes we’ve seen in our favorite movies, television shows, and theatrical productions. We’re happy to join Creative America in saluting the hardworking costume designers of our entertainment industry.

Meet Janie Bryant, costume designer for award-winning television series, Mad Men. Learn about her job, how she started in the business and why she loves it. She is one of thousands of designers dependent on film and television production to make a living.  One important way we can support her hard work is to help protect her job by standing up against content theft, which drains wages and benefits for the many people behind the scenes of great movies and TV shows.

As we learned from legendary award-winning designer Edith Head, fashion is an intricate layer of every character, always carefully designed to be seamlessly woven into every plotline. Like Edith before her, Janie is setting trends in fashion today.  We need Janie Bryant and others like her to follow in Edith’s footsteps by continuing to create timeless costumes for our films and television programs. After all, what would Scarlett be without her curtain-rod dress or Dorothy without her ruby red slippers? The Joker without his colorful suits or Indiana Jones without his brown fedora hat?

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