White House Commends New Collaboration to Fight Online Theft
Author:  Howard Gantman
Date:  07/07/2011

Victoria Espinel, the White House’s U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, blogged today that the new partnership between Internet service providers and entertainment companies is in step with the Obama Administration’s goals of job creation, export growth, and keeping America competitive in the global economy.

She wrote that the agreement, which produced the new Center for Copyright Information, “is a positive step and consistent with our strategy of encouraging  voluntary efforts to strengthen online intellectual property enforcement and with our broader Internet policy principles, emphasizing privacy, free speech, competition and due process.  As such, we will follow the implementation and outcomes of this arrangement with great interest.”

“To win the future and succeed in the global economy, it is critical to protect the intellectual property of America’s innovators and creators,” she concluded.

To learn more about this new joint venture and ways you can avoid content theft, visit CopyrightInformation.org.