Leading Legal Firms to Help Copyright Alliance
Author:  Jessica Garcia
Date:  08/09/2011

Today the Copyright Alliance announced the formation of a new Legal Advisory Board to advance the work of the Alliance through a closer collaboration between the firms representing the Alliance’s institutional members and other copyright owners. With 14 founding members, the Board will support various new and ongoing initiatives including strengthening copyright strategy, the development of educational programs, expanding contacts with law schools and young lawyers, and legal research and writing about content theft and copyright.

Sandra Aistars, Executive Director of the Copyright Alliance, noted the importance of the partnership:

“This Board will be invaluable to the Copyright Alliance and its members. The Alliance has actively developed grassroots, public and educational programs. Closer engagement with colleagues and thought leaders in the legal community will bring an important new perspective and talent pool to the Alliance, and allow us to serve the needs of the creative community better. I am particularly pleased that these firms are helping launch this initiative. They have been a trusted source of legal guidance for many in the copyright world for years and we value their expertise.”

The establishment of the Legal Advisory Board is a step forward in efforts to protect artists and creators from copyright theft. Copyright protection is a complex and rapidly evolving sphere, and it will make an enormous difference for artists and creators to have the country’s brightest legal minds on their sides as they, and we, work to protect their creations. We welcome these experts’ willingness to contribute their knowledge to our endeavors to strengthen copyright protection for the millions of Americans in the creative community.

View the Copyright Alliance’s announcement here.