Meet the Artists Impacted by Content Theft
Author:  Jessica Garcia
Date:  08/08/2011

Kristina Betts is watching her earnings dry up.  Guy Forseth worked hard to write and produce songs only to see them stolen on a massive scale. 

“If you go out to your car and your window is busted, you look inside and it’s like, ‘Oh they grabbed my wallet, they grabbed my stereo out of the dash,’ it’s that same feeling that someone has reached in and taken something away from you, something that you worked hard to earn, in my case, something that I wrote and paid to record,” he said.

Kristina and Guy are just a few of the working men and women in America’s creative community whose lives – and livelihoods – are affected by internet content theft.

In this video, which comes to us courtesy of The Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy at www.FightOnlineTheft.com, four artists share stories of their experiences with online theft.

“If internet piracy caused me to lose my contract because I didn’t sell enough books, then I would have a really hard time picking up another publisher,” said Tracy Deebs, published author. “This is my job, this is how I make my income, this is how I support my family.” 

For more information on the rogue websites that steal work like Kristina’s and Jeff’s and Tracy’s, and what you can do to stop them, visit us at www.mpaa.org/contentprotection/roguewebsites.org.

View here: http://www.youtube.com/user/FightOnlineTheft#p/u/0/ZjDomSOvys8