AFL-CIO in Iowa Backs Legislation to Preserve Jobs and Target Criminals
Author:  Paul Hortenstine
Date:  01/19/2012

Today in the Des Moines Register, Mark Cooper, president of the South Central Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, wrote an op-ed in support of rogue sites legislation to preserve American jobs.   These bills target crime—thieves who profit from counterfeit American goods and stolen content—and uphold free speech, while popular American websites like Wikipedia and Facebook will not be affected.

He wrote,

“Congress is considering legislation that may seem highly specialized but has the potential to help protect jobs here in Iowa, or deepen our state’s unemployment if it stalls. That’s why union leaders in Iowa and across the United States have joined the fight to win passage of the Senate’s Protect IP Act (S. 968) and the House’s Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA, H.R. 3261), companion bills that will make it harder to steal American ideas and the jobs they create.”

This legislation is about more than pirated content.  It’s also about protecting consumers and public safety employees:

“Counterfeit products present a real harm to Iowa’s public safety employees, as well. For instance, counterfeit firefighting equipment bypasses the strong safety standards and inspections that apply to legitimate goods, posing a serious threat to public safety workers and to the people they protect.”