AFL-CIO: Digital Theft Hurts U.S. Workers
Author:  Kate Spence
Date:  06/01/2011

The presidents of four unions representing workers in the entertainment business have sent a message to millions of AFL-CIO members asking them to stand up against content theft. 

In a DPE (AFL-CIO Department for Professional Employees) Alert today, Ray Hair, International President, American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada, Roberta Reardon, National President, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Matthew D. Loeb, International President, Theatrical Stage Employees, and Ken Howard, President, Screen Actors, wrote:

"Ever watch TV, see a movie or listen to recorded music? Then we thank you—because your entertainment is our work.

"Not too long ago, the ways to connect to entertainment were limited. People watched TV on a television set, went to a theater for a movie and listened to recorded music on the radio (or even a record-player).

"Then came digitization and the Internet—and like other powerful tools, people have used them for good things and bad.

"We’re asking you to help counter the bad: digital theft—illegal downloads and streaming—that hurts U.S. workers, jobs, incomes and benefits. We would like you to support legislation that will help the people whom our unions represent, and many other U.S. workers, who have jobs and earn livings. And we hope you’ll ask your family and friends to steer clear of digital theft."