L.A. Times Editorial Supports Partnership of Creative Community and ISPs to Address Online Theft
Author:  Howard Gantman
Date:  07/08/2011

The L.A. Times was spot on in an editorial today supporting the Copyright Alert System launched yesterday by ISPs and content owners.  Calling the plan “a fair compromise” and “a sensible way for copyright owners and ISPs to team up,” the piece complimented the creative community and ISPs for joining forces to address the serious issue of online theft.

The Copyright Alert System is above all an educational effort meant to let people know that illegitimate file transfers are occurring on their network, explain how it affects creative workers, and guide users to legal alternatives to access content like movies, TV shows and music.  

The editorial maintained that this approach “has the right focus, which is to educate broadband users about what's happening on their accounts, what constitutes copyright infringement and where to find legitimate sources of movies and music online.”

We are pleased to be working with our partners in the online ecosystem to address the problem of online content theft.  Together, we can make a real difference to the millions of men and women who work hard to create the American entertainment enjoyed all around the world.