Plaudits to PayPal for Cracking Down on Counterfeit DVD and Blu-Ray Disc Merchants
Author:  Howard Gantman
Date:  06/22/2011

Following a joint operation between PayPal’s Brand Risk Management department and Motion Picture Association (MPA) Asia Pacific investigators, PayPal today closed 33 accounts of merchants specializing in the sale of illegal counterfeit DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.  The investigation discovered that the majority of these merchants are based in mainland China, and that they market and ship their products directly to retail and wholesale customers worldwide.

This joint operation demonstrates the importance and effectiveness of rightsholders and payment processors joining forces to fight online theft.  Payment processors like PayPal recognize that their business models rely on gaining consumers’ trust, and that their brands are tarnished when counterfeit goods are available for sale through their payment system. 

We can only eradicate the scourge of online theft if all stakeholders in the online ecosystem work together.  We thank PayPal for partnering with us on this effort.