Mike McCurry, in Politico, on Need for Congressional Action Against Online Theft
Author:  Howard Gantman
Date:  06/15/2011

Great piece in Politico today by former Clinton White House press secretary Mike McCurry, co-chairman of Arts+Labs, on the PROTECT IP Act.

McCurry lauds the bill as an exemplary instance of Congress working together to craft bipartisan, measured legislation that combats a real problem facing the country: cyber crime, specifically online content theft. He notes that the bill cracks down on foreign websites dedicated to stealing American-made content, while offers a nuanced approach so that it only affects bad actors.

He writes:

Every marketplace needs rules to protect people from fraud and theft. But it’s also critical to strike the right balance to capture the criminals while also ensuring the free flow of information across the open Internet. That’s what PROTECT IP aims to do...if sponsors and skeptics can continue to move forward here, the act should provide the basis for a final measure that will support American innovators, protect U.S. intellectual property and propel our economy forward.

We will continue to push for commonsense legislative solutions to the economic scourge of online theft, and look forward to collaborating with members of the Senate and other supporters to advance the PROTECT IP Act.