LA Chamber Adds Their Support to PROTECT IP Act
Author:  Elizabeth Kaltman
Date:  06/15/2011

The Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce has added its voice to a diverse and influential chorus in support of the PROTECT IP Act. Writing in a blog post yesterday that “policing the Internet for stolen copyrighted material is like draining the Pacific Ocean through a straw – the sheer volume makes it nearly impossible,” the Chamber praised the PROTECT IP Act for “giv[ing] the Attorney General and those holding copyrights the power to go after online companies if they support a site that promotes copyright or trademark infringement.”

The Chamber expressed the importance of passing this key legislation to protect the livelihood of Los Angeles area businesses represented by the Chamber and the 350,000 entertainment industry jobs in the Los Angeles region:

The Los Angeles economy pays a particularly heavy price when material is bootlegged. Lost revenue doesn't just hit film, television and music industry companies in their pocketbook — it directly impacts more than 350,000 entertainment industry employees in our region alone. When a studio or music company loses revenue, there's a direct impact on Los Angeles jobs, from cast and crew, to post-production services, to ancillary businesses such as caterers, dry-cleaners and florists.

Nowhere do rogue sites have a more direct and negative impact on the businesses and employees who depend on a thriving motion picture and television industry than in Los Angeles, the heart of the industry. The Los Angeles Chamber ‘s support in the effort to pass the PROTECT IP Act is significant.