Portland, Oregon Reports Jobs Boost
Author:  Jessica Garcia
Date:  09/21/2011

Portland, Oregon is earning a reputation for more than its roses these days. The Mayor of Portland, Sam Adams, has published a letter to local residents announcing the local economic boost taking effect in the city thanks to film and television production. Television shows like the new Portlandia, TNT’s Leverage, NBC’s upcoming Grimm and Lakeshore Entertainment’s feature film Gone, are all filming in Portland, and in the process, they’re creating hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in economic activity.

“Besides the fact that it’s pretty cool to see our streetscapes on the big screen, there’s another reason why we have a substantial interest in the film and video industry: jobs,” says Mayor Sam Adams. And rightly so. Leverage employs 450 Portland-area workers each season. Grimm is expected to surpass that 450 mark. Portlandia reports that over 90% of its crew consists of local hires. And Gone has employed 210 locals for over 70,000 hours of work.

In addition to creating jobs, productions are also actively feeding money back into the local economy. Mayor Adams reported that between 2007 and 2010, Oregon-based film and television projects have had a direct and indirect impact of $350 million dollars in the state. In 2009, the Portland metropolitan region alone saw $52 million in direct spending through local film productions, totaling a $102 million economic impact for the year. This year continues the upward trend; 2011 is projected to have a $542 million economic impact in Oregon.

As Mayor Adams says, “When the film industry in Portland is busy, Portland is busy.” These figures represent a huge economic gain for the state of Oregon, the city of Portland and the hundreds of local residents employed by local productions. The hundreds of people that work on each production and rely on the motion picture and television industry are proud of their work, and so are we. Together, we make a great partnership for Oregon.